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The contagious vigour of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost Sunday - May 20, 2018 Acts 2:1-21, Philippians 4:4-7 and John 14:16-17 Pentecost brings new life and joy. New life and joy are contagious and can be the means of drawing a hope-less world together. Mostly the opposite happens that we drift apart because our natural tendency is that we prefer everyone to be the same and all people to be easy to understand. Don’t we all hear different...
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Ascension Sunday - May 13, 2018 Philippians 2:1-13 and Luke 6:43-45 Today, it’s a triple recognition day, Ascension Sunday, Christian Family Sunday and Mother’s Day all rolled into one—what a day to celebrate indeed! This past Thursday was Ascension Day. This is when Christians celebrate that Jesus ascended to the right hand of God and God is preparing to send the Holy Spirit down to be with us ...
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Paul’s Speech in Athens

Fifth Sunday of Easter - April 29, 2018 Act 17:16-31 Today we are continuing on with the book of Acts. I have been following along with all of Heinrich’s messages while away and what a journey it has been. Coincidentally the church where Garry and I attend in Phoenix over the winter, has also been studying this book. Every single week Pastor Jeremy begins his message with the same introductio...
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Broken lives—picking up the pieces

Fourth Sunday of Easter - April 29, 2018 Psalm 23, Romans 8:37-39 and Acts 16:16-34 When I heard about the horrific bus crash close to Humboldt, Saskatchewan where initially fourteen people lost their lives it first hit me as just another horrible accident. Then, as the days started rolling by, something else kicked in that caught me by surprise. I was utterly amazed at how deeply this accident ...
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Subtle nudges from God—life-altering moments

Third Sunday of Easter - April 15, 2018 Acts 9:1-19a and Matthew 6:24 How many of you enjoy watching war movies? I know several people who are almost fanatics, they like to watch war movie after war movie.  I suppose that is why there seems to be a new war movie every year.  Each one tries to capture the essence of a significant war from the past. Does anyone recall the one entitled, “Three K...
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Abundant hope amidst dying

Good Friday - March 30, 2018 John 12:20-26 and Psalm 22:1-18, 26-31 Anna Maria Tremonti, is a presenter on “The Current”, which is a program on  CBC. She recently spoke on how over the past hundred years or so, our society has increasingly attempted to try and avoid death. She explains how we have our loved ones immediately whisked away to a funeral home and quickly put in a closed casket.  Get ...
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Palm/Passion service

Palm/Passion Sunday - March 25, 2018 This service was done in a dramatic way, all replacing a sermon *Opening Praise: Holy is the Lord   I. Entry into Jerusalem                                   Scripture reading:                                     Matthew 21 [children’s Hosanna procession (remain seated)] [receive palm branches] (grades 3 and under to Sunday school) ...
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Jesus in solidarity with human suffering

Fifth Sunday of Lent - March 18, 2018 John 19:1-16a What a scene!  You’ve just viewed a lead-up to of one of the most traumatic events in the Bible. It is one of the most significant stories of hope for us as Christ-followers. It is part of what gives our faith substance. The core of what we believe in depends on these events. The video depiction is from our scriptures for today, John 19:1-16...
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