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I am not (one of His)

Third Sunday of Lent - March 4, 2018 John 18:12-27 and Psalm 17:1-7 “Growing up in the Philippines, the crowing of roosters every morning is an expectation. It was their daily signal that a new day is about to start. If for some reason they don’t crow, chances are we’d be late for school” our friend Sam relates. He goes on to say, “Roosters, or chickens for that matter, are backyard ‘pets’ th...
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What’s the significance of Jesus’ ministry?

Second Sunday of Lent - February 25, 2018 John 13:1-17 and Psalm 51:7-12 Our scripture reading today, takes us to the eve of the day Jesus takes his final journey to the cross. We all know what is coming next and it is vile and extremely upsetting and very, very sad—Jesus’ crucifixion. We won’t focus on that right now. Instead, let’s go to the scene of his last night, one we are all too familiar...
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Jesus…calling us into a life of resurrection now

First Sunday of Lent - February 18, 2018 John 11:1-44 and Psalm 104:27-30 Wow what a story that was! Jesus was able to bring back Lazarus after he was dead for four days? Lazarus must after all have really mattered or why this special treatment? How many others were brought back to life in all the stories we have read from the Bible? So what is the story behind this event and it’s significanc...
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Presbyterian World Service and Development – small but significant

Transfiguration Sunday and PWS&D Sunday - February 11, 2018 Matthew 13:31-32 and Psalm 126 One good thing about attending church is that it may be one of the few times during the week when we think big thoughts. On the other days many of our concerns may be small and transitory. But on Sundays we must think about faith, our place in the universe and helping our neighbour. One reason we ma...
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Our spiritual journeys

Fifth Sunday of Epiphany - February 4, 2018 John 4:1-42 and Psalm 42:1-3 The term “lateral thinking” was coined by a man named Edward de Bono. He presents seminars in which he helps people think more effectively. He often begins his speaking engagements with a funny personal story to illustrate what he means by this term and I’m going to share it with you. In his younger years, Edward was a R...
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Moving from darkness into light

Fourth Sunday of Epiphany - January 28, 2018 John 3:1-21 and Psalm 139:13-18 The city darkness is very different from the hillside darkness. The country has a quiet dusk that melds into deeper shadows and finally, after a long stretch of time, becomes the dark in which the stars are the only light. But in the city, the darkness comes as if some giant curtain was suddenly pulled tight, blocking o...
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What is at the heart of worship?

Third Sunday of Epiphany - January 21, 2018 John 2:13-25 and Psalm 127:1-2 Murphy’s Law—you all remember it, don’t you? It simply states,"If anything can go wrong, it will." There are quite a few variations of that law, such as, "Buttered toast, when falling to the floor, will always fall face down." But have you heard about the time the toast fell to the floor, and to the amazement of the famil...
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Abundance in action

Second Sunday of Epiphany - January 14, 2018 John 2:1-11 and Psalm 104:14-16 Today we are continuing with scripture readings from John. The more I research and dig into his writings, I find many descriptors of our fourth gospel writer. Dr. William Barclay, a Scottish author and theologian, wrote that the fourth Gospel was indeed "different". Luther called it ‘chiefest of the Gospels, unique, ten...
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Searching for real meaning in Christmas…?

First Sunday after Christmas - December 31, 2017 John 1:19-34 and Psalm 32:1-2 They came to the river seeking, asking, hoping. At the edge of the Jordan, they stood. Some were wondering, “Could this be the One?” The Messiah, the Christ, the saviour of the nation? Some were hoping, “Could it be my turn?” Could this be the time my broken past is washed away and cleansed and healed? Some at the ...
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