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Easter Sunday Liturgy

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Worship on Easter Sunday

10:00 am – April 16, 2017

We gather to worship God

Music prelude

Processional: He is Lord                     Book of Praise # 252


L: Christ is risen!

P: He is risen, indeed!

Lighting of the Christ candle

Welcome and announcements

Silent preparation for worship

Opening words:

L: This is the day that the Lord has made

P: Let us rejoice and be glad in it

L: Lift up your hearts!

P: We lift them up to the Lord!

*Opening praise: Open the eyes of my heart

*Call to worship:                                                 Isaiah ch. 65

L: God is creating new heavens and a new earth.

P: The weary and painful past will be as if it never happened

L: No one will talk or even think about it anymore

P: So take joy and celebrate with unending gladness because of what God is creating

 *Book of Praise: Jesus Christ is risen today                     243

We listen for the voice of God

Scripture reading I: (Apostle)                     1 Corinthians ch.15

Scripture reading II                                                  Gospels

*Book of Praise: At the dawning of salvation                   248

Scripture reading III                                                Gospels

*Book of Praise: Jesus is risen from the grave                 254

Scripture reading IV: (Apostle)                              Acts ch. 10

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper

Scripture reading V: (invitation)                          Isaiah ch. 25

*Affirmation of faith                                        Apostles’ Creed

*Passing the peace of Christ

*Book of Praise: Lift up our hearts                                 526

Scripture reading VI: (communion prayer) Responsive Psalm 118

*Breaking of bread and offering of the cup                            Intinction

(during communion, we sing Eat this bread 527)

Prayer of gratitude

We respond to serve God

Music offering                                             Linda FB

*Our time for giving: Praise, praise the Lord

Prayer: Risen Christ, we bring our most beautiful gifts, costly and fragrant. We bring our most beautiful gifts, and we let the risen one show us how to use them to serve our neighbours. Receive our offering, our most beautiful gifts. Amen.

 *Book of Praise: I danced in the morning                       250

 *Scripture reading VII: (sending out)               Colossians ch. 3

*Recessional: He is Lord                                                252

Music postlude

(Scripture readings are from The Message Bible translation)