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One body of Christ—our Strength in Worship

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All Saints’ Sunday – November 5, 2017

1 Corinthians 12:12-27

(Heather) How do Dayspring’s many parts, body parts if you will, work together to put meaning into our worship together?

First we need to take a side bar and explain something to you today.

Many people who worship here at Dayspring pose questions regularly of how we operate as a faith community. One of Session’s goals is to keep everyone informed; especially newcomers, of how we function and what opportunities there are for our whole church family. In the past, we have tried to accomplish this at the Annual Meeting but we felt it was lost in the busy-ness of that event with so many topics that needed to be discussed and important decisions that needed to be made. This year as an alternative, Session chose to share information throughout the year. So far in 2017, you have heard from three of our four ministries – Christian Education, Congregational Life, and just last month our focus was Mission & Outreach.  Today the final ministry we will expand upon is our Worship Ministry.  We’ve chosen to explore this during sermon time because worship is central to our experience here at Dayspring and literally everyone is involved.

So…in order to do this, we have a question for you this morning… we’ve altered a popular joke of ‘how many people does it take to screw in a light bulb?’ to “How many Presbyterians does it take to put on a worship service?” Obviously we have our two main contenders, our minister, Heinrich at the helm, doing the lion’s share every week to help make our worship meaningful. In conjunction with Heinrich, we are fortunate to have Gord overseeing the amazing music program. Gord is accompanied weekly by Binu, often by Walters, and at times by his wife, Darolyn. We are indeed blessed by what these individuals bring to our worship experience.

Beyond the obvious, can we walk you through a typical Sunday morning?

(Heinrich) Let’s begin when you arrive here on Sunday morning?  Who is the first person you see or the front line to our Dayspring Community? It’s none other than the greeters…who give you that first welcome smile. Can you guess how many people participate annually in this very important job?

Once you’re through the front doors, you are given the Order of Service, Dayspring News and any number of handouts in a neat little package.  How on earth do these get all compiled, typed up, printed, and then folded so neatly?  Well, of course it’s Linda in the church office and her volunteers who religiously get this job done every single week.

Next as you walk through the sanctuary doors, notice that there have been people who pay attention to the aesthetics of our space for worship – Thank you to those who use their gifts to create beauty in our worship spaces.


All of that is before the worship service even begins—there are many others who give of their time and talents for God’s work. How can I go possibly through the list quickly without diminishing their value?

Each week we are welcomed by one of our wonderful, dedicated elders. We then light our ceremonial Christ candle. Gina Kottke organizes the older children and quite a number of them take on this task (despite the fear of wondering if the match will actually light). Next is the Media team coordinated by Nathan Harms. It’s a significant job to keep the slides coming at the appropriate time—we are indeed fortunate to have so many youth involved. And let’s talk music; truly we are blessed with those who give their gifts of music & song, including the Dayspring Singers, our Alleluia Choir and the many others who treat us to solos and duos. And what variety! We have traditional, contemporary and most recently, we’ve even had a rap!

Shall we take a moment to think of the Children’s stories? Shane Johnson graciously schedules the adults who lead this portion. It’s quite the job to harness the children’s enthusiasm, hoping to some how (just maybe) attain one learning objective. Next are our scripture readers. For this piece of worship, Heinrich does the scheduling, Margaret McKague does the intros and many of you participate in sharing your gifts to make the scriptures come alive. It truly is a special talent.

The message or sermon—I’d like to acknowledge Heinrich for this onerous weekly task. As well, several members of our Dayspring Family and guest speakers have presented this past year; variety in speakers and perspectives is valuable to all of us as listeners.

A new initiative for our worship ministry is a group called Sermons Supporters. This is being led by Marilyn Carr, Darlene and myself. The main job for these people is to find contemporary ideas for the message, ones that help support or apply the scripture readings to our every day lives. If you are an “ideas person”, you may be interested in joining this group.

Lastly, our monthly Communion – Darlene Eerkes does the schedule and many people in our church family take part in serving communion— whether it be youth, adult members, or our elders.

The ministry team welcomes your involvement in any of these volunteer jobs. If you feel a calling or would like to participate, please see either Heinrich, Iris (the other elder on this ministry) or myself. We welcome your gifts. Please note that is not a plea for involvement, simply an invitation.

At Dayspring we are blessed to have so many people involved.  It brings vibrancy, enthusiasm and commitment to our church.  So many people share their gifts from God, their time and their talents to make a difference.

Beyond this, there’s one more significant group we have not yet acknowledged and one that we may not normally think about (pause)…and it is all of you. Everyone who is seated here today is part of our worship ministry. As you participate in the singing, the praying, the offering and communion—you are part of our church family. You bring involvement to worship by simply worshipping with us, which is central to our life at Dayspring.

 (Heinrich) Now let’s connect all of this to the scriptures that Darlene read to us. Paul was writing to the Corinthians and explaining to them that they are one body, with many members, all parts making up the larger whole. Each one of us in our faith community, with our differences in age, in cultures, or in abilities can be likened to the eyes, the hands, and the feet of the body of Christ. We all have a part to play and each part can have a distinct benefit to our community and to the world outside of our community. Each of us can strengthen worship in one of numerous ways; many of which are invaluable.

Another point to ponder—there are parts of our bodies which we may not have a full understanding of what they do for us, such as our liver or our thyroid perhaps. These body parts go about their daily functions, so discreetly that we don’t give a thought to their importance or their need. We have people in our faith community that provide a certain function or responsibility too but they do so, silently, behind the scenes.

 In essence, we all contribute and are weaved into the worship event like each organ or blood vessel in our body is vital to the functioning of our bodies. This is God’s design for the church.

(Heather) In conclusion, “How many Presbyterians does it take to put on a worship service?”  Whew, it is many! Ultimately, the worship ministry strives to make the service as meaningful as possible for each and every one who steps into this sanctuary. We hope and pray with God’s guidance, each service touches every one of you in some small way, whether it be a particular prayer, a song that speaks to your heart, the children’s message or Heinrich’s message. We are all one body of Christ on this spiritual journey together. In Jesus’ name. Amen


Copyright 2017 – Heinrich Grosskopf, Minister of Dayspring Presbyterian Church and Heather Tansem, Elder at Dayspring Presbyterian Church

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