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Worship, Faith Development, Care, Outreach, & Service

Our Worship, Faith Development, Care, Outreach & Service

org1Overall leadership of the congregation is provided by the Session. The Session is comprised of lay persons called Elders, along with the Minister. There is usually approximately one Elder for each ten households in the congregation. Elders, in addition to their overall leadership responsibilities, have pastoral responsibility for about ten households each, and many of the elders have leadership positions in the various organizations and activities of the congregation.

A Worship Coordinating Team works with the Minister and Worship Arts Coordinator to provide feedback on planning for worship services and occasionally to design special services. We try to combine traditional and modern innovative elements in our Sunday worship services – also integrating some of the worship practices familiar to our many new Canadians. Our minister is assisted, in leading worship, by members of the congregation. Music offerings are provided by a small group of Dayspring Singers, the Alleluia Choir (comprised of Dayspring’s African community), and and various other members of the congregation with musical gifts, who provide solo vocal and instrumental offerings. See here for more information.

org2A Christian Education Team works with the Church School Coordinator and the Youth/Young Adults Coordinator to plan and carry out programs for children, youth, and young adults. See the relevant pages at this website for program information. Dayspring is also quite actively involved with Camp Kannawin, the Church Camp of the Presbyterian Synod of Alberta and the Northwest – which is located on the north shore of Sylvan Lake.  In addition, the minister and others lead adult study programs.

org3The Mission/Outreach Team and the Pastoral Care Unit of the Congregational Life Team, along with teams formed to look after specific projects, ensure that Dayspring is responsive to opportunities to care for others as Jesus cares for us. Our Food Bank Team is a unit of the Edmonton Food Bank, making available to people of the local community the basic essentials of life.  Some of our members have worked with Habitat for Humanity, recruiting build teams from the congregation.  Health professionals on the Pastoral Team assist the minister with the care of persons made vulnerable by illness. And we reach out across the world in mission and service through our offerings given to Presbyterians Sharing and Presbyterian World Service & Development.

Dayspring has always been an extraordinarily hospitable congregation. The Fellowship unit of the Congregational Life Team provides leadership for ministries of hospitality after Sunday worship, after celebrations of life (sometimes called funerals), and at other times, and encourages various activities such as those of our Craft Group.

Each summer, a team of volunteers prepares and plants the Dayspring Garden. At harvest time, the produce is sold to members of the congregation and the money received from those sales is donated to the Food Bank.


Dayspring has welcomed into our community of faith and care persons from many parts of the world and reaches out far beyond the congregation’s immediate geographic boundaries. We support the many functions of our denomination, the Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC), through our contributions to Presbyterians Sharing. We also contribute to the PCC’s World Service & Development fund, through which relief is provided to nations in crisis and development projects are carried out. We have reached out to Mexico to build homes in partnership with Live Different and have partnered with the Likomba Presbyterian Church in Cameroon in Mission and Friendship. Our children support a child through World Vision Canada. We provide meals for the Edmonton Urban Native Ministry. Our Christmas poinsettias are taken to the Good Samaritan Southgate Care Centre. We also work locally with the End Poverty Edmonton Initiative and YESS.

org4A Human Resources Team works with the Minister to set up hiring processes, to resource staff, and to conduct performance reviews.


Effective Communication

The various teams and activities of the congregation are supported by a 
Communications Team
– which facilitates internal and external communication.

Dollar Sign

Almost all of the money required for the running of the building, payment of the salaries of the minister and staff, and support for the many congregational and denominational mission and service initiatives derives from the givings of the congregation – many of whom provide their offering as a PAR (a monthly Pre-Authorized Remittance).  They have authorized their bank to transfer the same amount each month to the church’s bank account – in much the same way as they pay some of their household bills). The congregation elects a Board of Managers, which  works with the elected Treasurer and the elected Offering Envelope Secretary to manage the finances of the congregation.

The Board of Managers, assisted by a team of volunteers and contracted services (lawn cutting, snow removal, and building cleaning) also looks after care of the church building.  The building is used by several community organizations for meetings and activities and houses R&S Out-of-School Care and two small Christian groups that are not affiliated with Dayspring.

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