Children’s Activities During COVID-19

Click here to see some beautiful bead work done to express the theme of the Sunday Church School lesson for June 14. And here for some other images of the craft work done for June 14.

Click here to see an experiment with “water colours.”

Struggling with finding meaningful activities for young children?

Chalice Press is offering a really inexpensive ($3.99 us) PDF download of 15 prayers and activities to share with your children. From a morning gratitude cafe, to creating a labyrinth, to a prayer practice for calming anxious thoughts, pastor and mother Traci Smith offers more than a dozen creative, simple, and inspiring ways to make your family’s everyday moments into sacred ones.

Click here.

Some pictures produced by the children of our families

Here are Sun catchers from the April 3rd curriculum craft suggestions.

Clare’s “God’s Eye” Craft for 28 February 2021

Images created by Clare on 07 February, 2021

Images created by Clare on 31 January 2021.

During Advent (starting 4 Sundays before Christmas Day) we look forward to the Christmas celebration of Jesus’ birth – and to the day when the peace and love He encouraged in His followers will prevail in our world.






The burning bush (burning but not consumed) is an important biblical image.

The child’s hands were traced to make the flames.






Pentecost is an important day in the Christian Calendar.



We couldn’t help it. We adapted the picture to be a stained glass on parchment paper.

It’s very important to have juice after church!

It’s also very important to use colour to express our ideas.