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Pastoral Care

Dayspring Pastoral Care

“God’s agenda is the mending of creation.”

Our minister is available to provide care to persons associated with Dayspring. Several of Dayspring’s health professionals do what they can, on a volunteer basis, to assist with care when there are health needs or challenges and occasionally organize workshops on health-related topics.

Jesus’ ministry stressed the healing of the whole person. Early Christians were inspired by a sense of wholeness in their mission to the world. They believed that the new life that Christ came to impart was extended to the entire human being: body, mind and spirit.

When might you seek Pastoral Care?

  • You or a family member or friend is sick
  • You are having difficulty with something your physician has told you
  • You are concerned about your children, parents, family member or friend
  • You are lonely
  • You are feeling overwhelmed
  • You or someone you know is going for surgery
  • You are dealing with loss or death
  • You need someone to pray with you
  • You are struggling with a relationship
  • You are looking for ways to improve your life
  • You need someone to listen to you

Confidentiality is always respected. Your concerns will only be shared if permission is given to do so (for example on the “Prayer & Praise” page of the Dayspring Weekly News).


On Sunday, September 30, Brian and Esther Link made a presentation about Stephen Ministry during the worship service. You can see and listen to their presentation here.


For information about pastoral care, please contact the Minister.  Phone: 780-435-3111 (Ext 2) or 780-239-0618

Look here for information about navigating Alberta’s HealthCare System.