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ZOOM Connect

ZOOM Connect @ DayspringChurch.ca

Here is a list of ZOOM events.
If you do not have ZOOM, you can access by telephone at 587 328 1099.
You will need the ZOOM meeting ID for the meeting you are accessing.
There may be a toll charge if you do not have an “all-Canada” calling plan.
If you are using a computer to access via ZOOM, always “refresh” before clicking on the link
(Command R for Macs; F5 for PCs)
Sundays: Worship at 10 am MDT. Click here. Meeting ID: 214 107 800
Tuesday Coffee Hour at 10 am MDT: On hiatus for July & August
Wednesday Bible Study at 10:30 am MDT: Click here. Meeting ID: 827 7195 0141
Thursday Coffee Hour at 10 am MDT : Click here. Meeting ID: 867 4987 4587
Thursday PM Wine & Cheese at 7 pm MDT: On hiatus for July & August