Christmas Eve 2022

Worship on Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve lessons and carols
7:00 pm December 24, 2022
Onsite & Online (Mixed Presence) Gathering  as a Worshipping Community
Led by the Rev. Bradley Childs
Music director: Binu Kapadia
Vocalists: Fionna McCrostie, Glynnis McCrostie, Lynn Vaughan,
Sam and Ann May Malayang, Kyla Malayang & Camille Nagpal, Peter & Cheryl Sheridan

We gather to worship God

Music prelude: Binu and Lynn

L: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you
P: and also with you

*Call to worship:
L: Isaiah the prophet said: the people who walked in darkness have seen a great  light; those who lived in a land of deep darkness, on them light has shined.
P: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
L: Zechariah the priest said before John’s birth: by the tender mercy of our God, the dawn from on high will break upon us, to give light to those who sit in darkness, to guide our feet into the way of peace.
P: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
L: Mary the mother of Jesus said: God has brought down the powerful from their thrones and lifted up the lowly; has filled the hungry with good things.
P: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
L: God is with us. The birth of the Christ-child is the renewal of hope. God is coming into our lives in a new way.
P: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Prayers of thanksgiving

Our Heavenly Father. You came and entered into humanity, light of the world, that we might have life recalled, to have life, and also to have it abundantly.

Homes are filled with happiness and with hearts full of celebration and joy.

The anticipation has been its own reward. You bring surprises and phone calls and clean white snow.

We have laughter, warm residence, quiet bedrooms, and people that you have given us to love.

We might be busy from work, but we have work to do.

We might be stressed by expectations, but we have people in our lives who expect wonder from us.

We have imperfect health, but we also have a working system of care for medicine.

We have difficulties with family members at times, but we also have the chance to turn a cheek to apologize for wrongs, to extend grace beyond where we light like.

We have messy homes, perhaps, and more dirty glasses than usual, but this is because we’ve come together, and we’ve shared.

We live in a world where tough times certainly exist, but we have strength and history, and resolve while death exists, and pain is always present.

In some way we in Christ have hope for a day when all troubles end, because this life is not the end for all we have, and in all we do we praise you for this fragile and global life.

And we do so in the precious name of a humble baby, an eternal sign of new life.

Our Saviour and Lord, who someday will bring us all home in Jesus Christ forever,

Priest and King, we pray, Amen.

Assurance of God’s pardon

The life in the manger is the life on the cross, is the life of the resurrected One. There is perfect peace for all who seek to understand. Praise be to Jesus Christ, and Amen.

*Song: Oh come, all ye faithful vss 1,2,4 (159)


*Song: The first nowell vss 1,2,3,4 (136)

Lighting the advent candles
L: First, we light the candle of HOPE
P: Because Jesus is our hope.
L: Second, we light the candle of PEACE
P: Because Jesus is our peace.
L: Third, we light the candle of JOY
P: Because Jesus brings joy.
L: Fourth we light the candle of LOVE
P: Because Jesus is love.
L: Finally, we light the centre candle. This is the Christ candle.
P: Jesus is born. Jesus has come. Jesus is our salvation.

Lesson: The prophet Isaiah foretells of a coming Messiah: Isaiah 9:2,6-7

Prayer: Through him. Tonight, we pray that our long expected Jesus would come again. We pray for what is already, and also not yet. We pray that countries in turmoil would know that rest, and that those beaten down in darkness would believe in a higher truth, and know that they are not without hope and in him all things are possible.

*Song: Come, thou long expected Jesus (110)

Lesson: The coming reign of peace is revealed: Isaiah 11:1-10

Prayer: Come, Lord, be with all who listen to the voice of the child! Amen

*Song: Angels we have heard vss 1,2,3     147

Lesson: John the Baptism proclaims the One who is to come: Mark 1:1-15

Prayer: No matter the nation, or the individual, or the culture. Each of your creatures needs good news, the of calm and peace come, bringing what is truly good news to those in need of your care. And Lord, please send us your servants to bring good news wherever we can. Amen.

*Song: Silent Night (154)

Lesson: The birth of Jesus is foretold: Luke 1:26-38

Prayer: God and Creator. You change the world, and you often do so, using the lowliest of people for those caught in very unfavourable circumstances. Please raise them up well. Life is imperfect, it is also beautiful. Surprise us with your work. God surprise us with your love for us!  May your word ever be true to us? Just as it was to Mary. Amen.

*Song: Away in a manger (149)

Lesson: Jesus is born in Bethlehem: Luke 2:1-14

Prayer: Lord, we pray in the name of Christ, and we pray for those far from home. Amen.

Musical Offering: Glynnis McCrostie: O Holy Night (Placide Cappeau & Adolphe Adams)

*Song: Hark! The herald angels sing  (139)

Lesson: The shepherds go to see this thing that has happened: Luke 2:15-20

Prayer: Our Father in heaven help the people of your world to see the gifts beautiful all around us. Help us to consider all things, to ponder all things, to glorify and praise you for every good gift comes from above. Amen.

*Song: Once in royal David’s city vss 1,2,3 (166)

Lesson: John unfolds the mystery of the incarnation:  John 1:1-16

Prayer: Oh Lord, we pray for those in our world who feel that they have no grace. Lord, bring your grace and your kindness into this room, filling your people with hope and love and care, and later send us out in the world to share that with all those we meet. Amen.

*Song: Joy to the world    vss 1,2,4 (153)

Benediction: The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. Those who have lived in the deepest of night are lit up with a brilliant sight under us. A child is born unto us, a son given the spread of his influence and of his peace can never end.

Therefore, go out into the world with great joy the grace of Bethlehem’s matchless child, the love of of the God who never ceases to amaze, and the fellowship of the Spirit, who never wearies, will be with you always and forevermore merry Christmas. Amen.

Music postlude

Christmas Eve offering: This year the offerings will be directed to Dayspring’s Refugee Fund


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