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Palm/Passion service

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Palm/Passion Sunday – March 25, 2018

This service was done in a dramatic way, all replacing a sermon

*Opening Praise: Holy is the Lord


I. Entry into Jerusalem                                  

Scripture reading:                                     Matthew 21

[children’s Hosanna procession (remain seated)]

[receive palm branches]

(grades 3 and under to Sunday school)


Book of Praise: Lift up the gates                             12

II. Last Supper

Scripture reading:                                     Matthew 26

[break bread and pour wine]


Book of Praise: An upper room did our Lord prepare 224


III. Wash disciples’ feet

Scripture reading:                                       John 13

[pour water and wash hands]


Book of Praise: Jesu, Jesu, fill us with your love     229


IV. Prayer in the garden

Scripture reading:                                    Matthew 26

[light prayer candles]


Book of Praise: Go to dark Gethsemane                   230


V. Arrest and trial                                             

Scripture reading:                                            Matthew 26

[place crown of thorns and black drape]


Book of Praise: What are these wounds                     241


VI. Crucifixion                                                  

Scripture reading:                                     Matthew 27


Book of Praise: Were you there                     (vss.1-5) 233

[nail cross]


Music offering



Our time for giving

Prayer and God’s blessing


Book of Praise: When I survey the wondrous cross    231

[extinguish Christ candle]


[recess in silence]



Scripture readings are from ‘the Voice’ Bible translation