Dayspring’s Minister

On June 30, 2021, the Rev Dr. Heinrich Grosskopf retired after nearly 14 years as Dayspring’s minister.

A Search Committee that is representative of the congregation’s membership has been formed and is led by two of the congregation’s Elders (lay leaders) with the guidance of the Rev. William Ball, who has been appointed Interim Moderator by the Presbytery of Edmonton-Lakeland.

Here is a video that William Ball prepared for the July 4 worship service in which he explains his roll and responsibilities. The email address has been re-directed to William Ball. He can be reached otherwise via the Church Office or through one of Dayspring’s Elders.

During the coming year as the search for a new minister unfolds, the Sunday messages will be provided by various Dayspring members, local retired ministers, and a few person from other places who will participate in our worship services via ZOOM.