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Sunday Message: Celebrating our congregation’s worship ministry

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1 Corinthians 14:26-33 and Psalm 100

(As we celebrate the worship ministry, Heather first speaks and then Heinrich)

Heather speaks:

The Worship Ministry here at Dayspring has been doing a little project in the last month or so. You may have seen us… we’ve been interviewing people, young and older and in between—we’ve tried to get a good cross section of many different types of people. Our two main questions were, “Why do you come to Dayspring to worship?” and then more specifically “What do you find most meaningful in the worship service?” I’d like to thank all those who participated and I’d especially like to thank Mongeh for helping Iris and I immensely with his video presentation which you will see shortly,  

People come to Dayspring for many reasons. We truly are a community of faith & care. At our services each week, our goal is to give you many opportunities to connect with God. To help open your heart and connect through word, through song, through prayer or meditation.  How are we doing?  Let’s take a look.

 Thank you to our congregation’s Worship Ministry Team for taking the time to go into the congregation to gather information— what a deeply touching video in so many ways.  

The video is played (7:30 minutes)

Heinrich speaks:

We are blessed with a very diverse congregation. As well, so many of us here are at a different place in our faith journey. Therefore, every one of you come to this place of worship for many different reasons, and weekly we want to provide opportunities for you to connect with God. To lift up your hearts to God and to God’s message. It is a big challenge to meaningfully communicate to a diverse group in the 21stcentury. We take our task here very seriously.  

The world often fills us with pain, frustration and anger. We look for activities and events to help ease or balance the negative. Everyday we hear on TV or see on social media things designed to make us ‘happy’. Well, things and food and substances may do that temporarily…but most people are looking for more, they are looking for “meaning” in life. Our goal is for you to find meaning here at Dayspring through your relationship with God. 

 The purpose of worship is to focus on our relationship with God as individuals and as a community. 

To orient(and weekly re-orient) away from self-obsession and the world’s flaws and temptations

To equipourselves for meaningful living and for life’s inevitable struggles

To offerpraise through song and words

To confesspain we have brought into this world

and lamentpain the world has brought to us

To askfor God’s help through prayer

To learnthe ancient wisdom of Scripture and how God has worked throughout the history of Israel and through Jesus (scripture readings) 

and to understandhow this can continue to work in our lives today

To offer gratitude to God for our blessings

To committo discipleship of Jesus Christ throughsacraments

 Worship needs to: have contemporary relevance andhonour past traditions, be forward looking, motivate us, comfort us, correct us, humble us, challenge us, build us up…

…To open our hearts so the Holy Spirit can move through us all and help us find spiritual renewal. This gives us the strength to not only face the world, but to help make the world a better place – making the kingdom of God visible.

 During worship our wish is that you would meet the person of the risen Jesus Christ and be drawn into a relationship with Him. We want to know how we actually live as followers of Jesus.


Copyright 2018 – Heinrich Grosskopf, Minister of Dayspring Presbyterian Church, and Heather Tansem, elder at Dayspring Presbyterian Church

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