Sunday (Zoom from the sanctuary) message: Source of growth

Lord, we bring thanks to You. We thank You for your continuous presence in our lives. We thank You for the times that You bless us with health. We thank You for the moments when our health may be at a very low point, yet in those moments we still experience You pulling us through. Other times, our predicament doesn’t change and doesn’t bring a brighter future, yet You fill us us with the strength for each day. Thank You, Lord.

Worship on the Lord’s Day

We gather to worship God

Music prelude


L: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
be with you
P: and also with you
Lighting of the Christ candle
Welcome and announcements

Silent preparation for worship

Opening words:

L: Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth
P: God’s steadfast love endures forever
L:  Lift up your hearts!
P: We lift them up to the Lord!

Opening praise: Everlasting God

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, We will wait upon the Lord, we will wait upon the Lord X2

Our God, You reign forever
Our hope, our strong deliverer

You are the everlasting God, the everlasting God. You do not faint, You won’t grow weary

You’re the defender of the weak, You comfort those in need, You lift us up on wings like eagles 

Songwriters: Brenton Brown/ Ken Riley
©2005 Thankyou Music (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing) Reprinted with permission under CCLI, License #3095377​. All rights reserved. Permission to stream the music in this service obtained from CCLI

Call to worship

L: Happy are those who are without blame.
P: Blessed are those who walk in God’s way.
L: Happy are those who are faithful.
P: Blessed are those who seek God.
L: We will obey your word, O God.
P: We will praise you forever

Prayers for God’s help and guidance:

Dear Lord, this morning again, we look up to You for our strength. There is no other God than You. We are weak and in You seek our strength. Your love spans across the entire world and across the entire congregation here at Dayspring. Would You be merciful under the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We put our full trust in You. Today’s baptism is also in your hands.

We look to You for help as we only do what we as humans can. Our eyes are upon You for the every single bit of growth that You bring.

Now, dear Lord of each and every generation, send us your Holy Spirit as we listen to your message through the sacrament of baptism, children’s time, prayers, song, and above all, the scriptures read and interpreted. Open our minds to your wisdom, open our eyes to see how to serve you, and open our hearts to receive and share your healing love. Amen.

Response: I waited, I waited on You, Lord

Baptism of C W

Baptism is a gift from God.

The sacrament of baptism is a visual aid for our faith. It portrays God reaching out to us. In baptism we see that God is the one taking the first step by coming to us, claiming us as God’s children, cleaning us from every sin that comes between God and us. We receive God’s gift with reverent joy and respond in faith and obedience.

Baptismal invitation

I now ask P and B to come forward

The Presentation for Baptism

Who comes to receive the gift of baptism?

An elder (Darlene) presents the child for baptism saying:

“On behalf of the session, I present C W to receive the sacrament of baptism.”

Parents of infants and young children

(The minister addresses parents of children)

P and B do you desire that C T be baptized?

We do.

(The minister addresses parents of young candidates for baptism only)

B and P

Do you promise to raise your daughter in the love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ within the home and the fellowship of the church?

We do.

(The minister asks the congregation to stand and questions them saying)

Do you, as members of the church of Jesus Christ, promise to guide and nurture C T by word and deed, with love and in prayer, encouraging her to follow the way of Christ and to be a faithful member of his church?

We do

Prayer of Thanksgiving

(Water is poured visibly and audibly into the font)

The Lord be with you.
And also with you.
Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.
It is right to give God thanks and praise.

We give You thanks, dear gracious Lord, for the gift of your Spirit and the sign of water.

In the water of Jordan, Jesus was baptized and anointed by your Holy Spirit. And now, with your people of all times and places, we wait with eager longing as we look for the city of God, from which will flow the river of life for the healing of the nations. (Rom. 8; Rev. 22)

Gracious God; by the gift of water and your Holy Spirit You sustain all life.

(The prayer continues as the minister raises a handful of water and pours it into the font)

Almighty God; by the power of your Holy Spirit, by the sign of this water, You cleanse from sin through the death of Jesus Christ, those who receive this sacrament; You raise them to new life through his resurrection, and You graft them into his body, the church.

Pour out your Spirit upon this your child that she may have power to do your will and continue forever as a servant of Christ to whom, with you and the Holy Spirit be all honour and glory now and forever. Amen.

The Act of Baptizing

(The minister takes the child from the parents)

C T, I baptize you
in the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.

(The minister lays a hand on the head of the baptized children saying)

May the Spirit of God dwell in you
and uphold you, now and forever. Amen.

(The minister leads in prayer as follows)

Declaration and Welcome

See what love God has given us that we should be called the children of God; and that is what we are.

C T you are now received by Christ’s authority into the holy, catholic church.

You are a child of God’s covenant with his children.

I know that all the grandparents are present here today. At this point I want to ask you to stand.

My best wishes to you as you have been the bearers of faith in Christ that is being handed down through the generations as part of God’s story with us as human beings, and with Charlotte. Congratulations! I invite you to be seated.

C T:

The LORD bless you and keep you;
the LORD make his face shine upon you
and be gracious to you;
the LORD turn his face toward you
and give you peace.”

Response: The Lord bless you and keep you (Aaronic Blessing)

We listen for the voice of God

Children’s time:

   Open our eyes, Lord
Lord’s Prayer

Song: Creating God, Your fingers trace 

Creating God, your fingers trace the bold designs of farthest space; let sun and moon and stars and light and what lies hidden praise your might.

Sustaining God, your hands uphold earth’s mysteries known or yet untold; let water’s fragile blend with air, enabling life, proclaim your care.

Redeeming God, your arms embrace all now despised for creed or race; let peace, descending like a dove, make known on earth your healing love.

Indwelling God, your gospel claims one family with countless names; let every life be touched by grace until we praise you face to face.

Words: Jeffery Rowthorn ©1979 the Hymn Society, Used by permission of Hope Publishing Co; Music: William Davies © William Davies, 1975Reprinted with permission under CCLI, License #3095377​. All rights reserved. Permission to stream the music in this service obtained from CCLI 

Scripture reading: 1 Corinthians 3:1-9 — New Testament (New Revised Standard Version)

3 And so, brothers and sisters, I could not speak to you as spiritual people, but rather as people
of the flesh, as infants in Christ. I fed you with milk, not solid food, for you were not ready for solid food. Even now you are still not ready, for you are still of the flesh. For as long as there is jealousy and quarreling among you, are you not of the flesh, and behaving according to human inclinations? For when one says, “I belong to Paul,” and another, “I belong to Apollos,” are you not merely human?
What then is Apollos? What is Paul? Servants through whom you came to believe, as the Lord assigned to each. I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. The one who plants and the one who waters have a common purpose, and each will receive wages according to the labor of each. For we are God’s servants, working together; you are God’s field, God’s building.

Response: Jesus, remember me

Message: “Source of growth”

Golfing legend Arnold Palmer recalls a lesson about overconfidence:

“It was the final hole of the 1961 Masters tournament, and I had a one-stroke lead and had just hit a very satisfying tee shot. I felt I was in pretty good shape. As I approached my ball, I saw an old friend standing at the edge of the gallery. He motioned me over, stuck out his hand and said, ‘Congratulations.’ I took his hand and shook it, but as soon as I did, I knew I had lost my focus. On my next two shots, I hit the ball into a sand trap, then put it over the edge of the green. I missed a putt and lost the Masters. You don’t forget a mistake like that; you just learn from it and become determined that you will never do that again. I haven’t in the 30 years since.” [i]

How often don’t we get tied up in the importance of our own abilities?

When the apostle Paul was writing to the people in Corinth, he was speaking about this type of trouble. There were Christians who looked at themselves and had a type of pride in which person had taught them about Christ. They had lost focus. To them it had become all about their leaders. [ii]

Some were proud about Apollos being their leader, others took pride in Paul being their leader who had led them to faith. “No” says Paul, then your focus is placed in human doings.

Paul emphatically sets things straight, if they were to have ears to hear, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.”

The same applies today. All that happened and happens, all the growth here at Dayspring, belongs to God. It belongs to the head of the church, Jesus Christ. Every minister that serves here, can only be pointing in the direction of Jesus. Indeed, effectiveness in pointing in the direction of Jesus always remains of utmost importance. This, however, never takes away from the ultimate focus, namely the focus on God who is the source of all the growth.

Servants of the Lord always do well in keeping in mind how we can only prepare the soil, fertilize, sow, water, and let God give the growth. God’s love is what keeps everything intact.

Turning to every action here at Dayspring, we may also know that as parents, Paul and Bethany can only apply the same principle. Charlotte’s faith is in God’s hands, because God’s love for her is immeasurable. God deep love spans from her birth, throughout her life, and you two have been given the wonderful chance to raise her in God’s ways and to point her in the direction of Jesus, who was crucified for her, and ascended to God, also for her, as for each of us.

There remains this mystery of how God works in each congregation, giving the growth, and the minister merely being the messenger. Keep the focus clear, don’t mistake the messenger for the message. As in Paul, the apostle’s case, not looking to him for eloquence or wisdom, but to the Gospel. The wonder of it all is that the power of the cross is the power that is made perfect in weakness. This appears to be very similar to God displaying his awesome power in the weakness of the crucified one, the one who died on the cross for us.

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity that I had to convey the message of Christ, the crucified, raised to the right hand of God. It was sheer joy. Not because of who I am, but because of the message that I had the chance to convey.

In each generation, God raises up witnesses, messengers, ministers, to continue the ministry that happens here at Dayspring. Some will plant, others will water, but it is God who is the source of growth. Amen

Song: We cannot own the sunlit sky

We cannot own the sunlit sky, the moon, the wild-flowers growing, for we are part of all that is within life’s river flowing. With open hands receive and share the gifts of God’s creation that all may have abundant life in every earthly nation.

When bodies shiver in the night, and weary, wait for morning, when children have no bread but tears, and war horns sound their warning. God calls humanity to wake, to join in common labor, that all may have abundant life, in oneness with their neighbour.

God calls humanity to join as partners in creating
a future free from want or fear, life’s goodness celebrating. That new world beckons from afar, invites our shared endeavor that all might have abundant life and peace endure forever.

Words: Ruth Duck © GIA Publications Inc, 1984, 1989.
Music: attributed to Robert Lowry; public domain.
Reprinted with permission under One License, License #A735555. All rights reserved, Permission to stream the music in this service obtained from ONE LICENSE

We respond to serve God

Prayer of gratitude:

Lord, we bring thanks to You. We thank You for your continuous presence in our lives. We thank You for the times that You bless us with health. We thank You for the moments when our health may be at a very low point, yet in those moments we still experience You pulling us through. Other times, our predicament doesn’t change and doesn’t bring a brighter future, yet You fill us us with the strength for each day. Thank You, Lord.

Thank You, dear Father, for creating the whole universe and for holding us in your strong hand. Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ for living with us humans in our brokenness. Thank You, Holy Spirit for giving us direction and insight every day.

This we pray in your name, Amen.

Response: Give thanks

Reflection on giving

We have been giving faithfully even though there is no offering plate being passed in the sanctuary. It may be a while before we return to the sanctuary, but we are still able to continue the ministry and mission that define Dayspring using the various ways described on the screen and in Dayspring Weekly News. Thank you all for your contribution, which comes freely from hearts full of gratitude.

Solo: On Eagle’s Wings

Words and music: Michael Joncas ©1979 by North American Liturgy Resources.

Sending out with God’s blessing

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with all of you.” (2 Corinthians 13:13) 

 Response: God to enfold you

[i] Mann, C. (2021, June 26). Pride (see also humility). Sermonillustrations.

[ii] Floyd, R. (2010, October 1). God gives the growth: A retirement sermon. When I survey.“god-gives-the-growth”-a-retirement-sermon/

5th Sunday after Pentecost

10:00 am June 27, 2021

led by Rev. Heinrich Grosskopf

Music director: Binu Kapadia

Elder:: Heather Tansem

children’s time: Vivian Houg

vocalist: Linda Farrah-Basford

Copyright 2021 – Heinrich Grosskopf, Minister of Dayspring Presbyterian Church
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