Dayspring Session (Church Council)

Overall leadership of the congregation is provided by the Session.

The Session is comprised of members of the congregation called Elders, along with the Minister, who is the Moderator (chairperson).

Elders, in addition to their overall leadership responsibilities, have pastoral responsibility for about ten households each (these groupings are called Anchor Groups). Most of the elders also have leadership positions in the various organizations and activities of the congregation.

Members of the congregation can find out who their Elder is by contacting the Roll Clerk, the Clerk of Session, the Moderator, or the Church Office ( 

Moderator: The Rev Bradley R. Childs
Session Clerk: Gina Kottke
Deputy Clerk: Iris Routledge
Roll Clerk: Darlene Eerkes
Other Elders
Bill Davis
Jane de Caen
Peter Eerkes
Samuel Malayang
Jan Ray Moncada
Heather Tansem