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The Dayspring DayBook is our Monthly Newsletter

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September 2022: The changing face of Dayspring … Pictures from the Carnival and Garden Party … We care for our kids … Visit of the Moderator.

Summer 2022: A New Beginning (pictures of the arrival and induction of our new minister, the Rev. Brad Childs and a message from Brad about his new beginnings as our minister)

May 2022: Holy Humour … Riddles … From our Interim Moderator: Humour in the Bible … From God’s kids … Newsletter “Bloopers” … Corny Church jokes

April 2022: Volunteering: Empathy in Action … Empathy and Mission … Stephen Ministries News … From our Interim Moderator: Volunteerism from a Theological Perspective … National Volunteer Week … 24-30 April; 7 Characteristics of Volunteers

March 2022:  Preparations for Lent • From our Youth/ Young Adult Coordinator (Fionna) • Poem: Blessing the Dust on Ash Wednesday • From our Interim Moderator: Reflection on Lent and Fasting • Lenten afterthoughts

February 2022:  Who??? • How??? And Why??? • From our Interim Moderator: • Who Cares? • Make Tax Time Pay: A Community Caring Outreach Program

January 2022:  Standing at a crossroads • About making choices • From Our Interim Moderator: Reflecting on Discernment • Two Poems about Discernment • Asking Questions vs. Making NY Resolutions

December 2021: Let there be light … A reason to reflect on the Light … From our Interim Moderator: Reflecting on Christ, the Light of the world …Following the Light … Being free to light our own flame …

November 2021: ZOOMing through COVID-19 … HOW have we been able to ZOOM … From our Interim Moderator: Embodied Presence on Zoom … Who makes ZOOMin possible … WHERE do we go from here … Prelude/Prequel

October 2021: What is a lectionary? … The Whole People of God Curriculum … From our Interim Moderator … Use of the Revised Common Lectionary for Study … What Bible to read & study?

September 2021: In this issue, several dayspringers reflect theologically on their involvement in various volunteer activities.

June 2021: A Tribute to Heinrich Grosskopf (by way of saying “Goodbye” to our minister for the last 14 years)