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Music & Worship Arts

Music and Worship Arts at Dayspring

musicAt Dayspring, music is an integral part of the worship experience and is spiritually engaging for both singers and listeners. Musical diversity is one important way to connect with a diverse congregation like Dayspring. Respect for tradition while exploring contemporary and ethnic musical styles is another way. Music can help to bridge the gap between the need for tradition and continuity in worship and the desire for relevance in today’s church.

There is a role for all age groups to share in worship, and comfort level is balanced with the need to discover our voice with God. Weekly music offerings are opportunities for individuals or groups with musical gifts to present to God in a range of musical styles.

The Dayspring Singers are the informal group that rehearses music twice monthly on Thursday evenings. There is a casual approach to rehearsing and presentation in church. Rehearsals are fun but efficient. With a wide range of musical experience and abilities in this group, an attempt is made to find pieces that accommodate this range. We encourage anyone who has a desire to sing to come out with the Singers or other smaller groups, and participate in a way that fits their comfort level.

Some of the members of the Dayspring Community of Faith and Care who have recently arrived from Africa have formed the Alleluia Choir which offers music in an African style once a month.

Besides choral music offerings each Sunday, vocal and instrumental music is used to enhance the worship experience in a variety of ways. Accompaniment takes a contemporary acoustic ensemble approach.

Gord  Gord McCrostie
  The Worship Arts Coordinator at Dayspring

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• Bachelor of Music (music composition) from the University of Alberta
• Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta
• Masters of Theological Studies from St. Stephen’s College, Edmonton

• Commercial recording studio composer/arranger (15 years)
• Commercial music/theatre performance arranger/performer (20 years)

• Baritone singer with i Coristi Chamber Choir
• Freelance music arranger and performer (vocals, keyboards, guitar, rhythm instruments)
• Married and Dad to 3 children
• Elder (currently not serving on Session)

bina  Binaifer (Binu) Kapadia

• Bachelor of Music (music composition) from University of Alberta
• Has studied violin, clarinet, and voice

• Musician, Composer, Film/Theatre Music Director, and Teacher


• Recent involvement in Composition and Performance of the music score for an 8-part CBC adaptation of Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance – involving the blending of her Western musical training and her Eastern roots
• Mom to 1 child